What you need to know about the reinforcement of brick houses

Brick houses should be repaired, following a certain procedure. The first step is to restore and strengthen the foundation of the building. If this stage is skipped, then there is no point in continuing the repair.

Because the foundation will continue to sink, and the brickwork simply won’t hold up.

To find out whether the foundation requires the installation of formwork, you need to contact qualified craftsmen. It is impossible to do this on your own.

Brick can crack in two ways:

  1. Due to the loss of strength of the material connecting them to each other.
  2. A crack in the brick itself.

Repair method: just cover it up or use metal tension beams, only a specialist can tell.

Repairing door and window openings is a complex process that requires special skills and extensive experience. Here you may need to carry out additional strengthening work:

  • reinforcement;
  • additional masonry;
  • reinforced concrete corset.

Again, a specialist builder will determine which materials should be used.

We can conclude that you should not carry out such complex work yourself, but rather hire qualified workers from our company.

You can bring a brick home back to life yourself or by hiring qualified builders. The amount of repairs is directly proportional to the wear and tear of the house over time.

Cosmetic or major repairs inside the house also depend on the quality of the previous repairs: it may be needed once every 5, or maybe every 10-15 years.