Bolarus primer is the best product in its category!

Bolarus primer is the best product in its category!

One of the very popular materials used in almost any option of repairing a construction site is a primer. The modern soil market is represented by many samples and it is often difficult to say which option will be the best. However, today a certain number of consumer demand leaders have been formed.

Among them is the primer of Bolars, the range of products of which can be found in the construction catalog

Please note that modern production offers several of its varieties. For example, above we described a solution intended for deep penetration. Perhaps this is the most popular option from the entire model range. Bolars’s primer reduces paint consumption – this is another advantage.

And now we will briefly describe other varieties that also deserve attention. For example, the soil of Bolars strengthening. It is ideal for weakly recruiting surfaces. Its task is similar to prepare the surface for clutch.

There are also several varieties of soil Bolar, but their task is somewhat different. They are tinted (stained) in any color and are designed to hide a variety of surface defects.

In general, Mark Bolars is a domestic manufacturer of dry mixtures, systems for strengthening facades and decorative materials. The Bolars mix is ​​the main product in the assortment of the manufacturer. Therefore, it is not surprising that the manufacturer is suitable for its manufacture is very scrupulous.

It is noteworthy that if everything is done according to the rules that are necessarily indicated on the packaging (for example, before use, be sure to clean the surface of dirt, fat spots or exfolved layers of old paint), then this construction solution will pleasantly delight you and surprise you, since, unfortunately, Until now, the opinion is that the products of the domestic manufacturer are significantly inferior in quality to foreign counterparts. It’s good that in the case of this brand in practice it was possible to prove the opposite.

The standard time for drying the solution is about an hour, and the temperature range is very impressive from – 40 to – 60 degrees!