Features of the use of an angle grinder and its varieties

Rarely does any instrument compare in popularity with the grinder. But I have noticed more than once that many people have difficulty choosing an angle grinder for home use and finding a suitable model among a sea of offers.

I propose to figure out what criteria to evaluate different options when choosing, which tool is included in the ratings and why.

The grinder has many ways to use it, but such versatility does not simplify, but rather complicates the choice. For anyone who is wondering which grinder to choose for their home, I would advise them to first decide how it will be used (in other words, what is the purpose of the purchase).

Based on the method of application and the nature of the work, you can select the main operating parameters: tool power, rotation speed and disk diameter. A sander has many purposes; In the household, it is used to perform a variety of tasks, for example:

Process any building materials. They cut metals and products made from them, from rods and angles to pipes and profiles. In addition to steel, aluminum and brass, polymer materials and wood are cut.

Surfaces are ground (and sometimes polished). When the need arises, grinding or abrasive wheels and special ring wire brushes are used.

Used for sharpening tools, for example, chisels, chisels, knives (this also requires an abrasive disc).

Peel off the paint and clean off the rust.

They cut stone, from granite slabs to ceramic tiles, as well as concrete screed and brickwork.

They cut grooves (channels) in the walls and concrete floor if hidden laying of pipes or wiring is needed.