The use of foam blocks in the construction of country houses and cottages

Foam blocks are made of foam concrete, which is characterized by excellent heat -saving characteristics and lightness. This allows you to build a cozy and warm house or cottage from foam blocks in the shortest possible time. The construction of buildings from this material is widespread in Europe, because there more than forty percent of real estate objects were erected from this material.

For the production of foam concrete, a mixture of cement, sand, water and foaming agent is used. The finished block is very malleable to machining, so it can be sawed, cut or drilled. The size of the foam block is somewhat larger than the brick, and by weight – much easier. This circumstance has greatly simplified the process of erecting buildings and conducting various communication systems.

If we talk about the advantages of using this building material over all others, the following points should be noted:

– Thanks to the slight weight, foam blocks are not only easier to lay, but also transport to the construction facility;

– the size of the foam block significantly accelerates the rate of construction, because the larger the elements, the easier they are mounted;

– The prices for this material are quite democratic, and this allows you to seriously save on the construction of the house. That is, foam blocks allow you to build a dwelling of the highest quality at a short price and in the shortest possible time;

– foam blocks have increased strength and reliability, they are fireproof and are not susceptible to the destructive effect of cold or heat. Owners of houses and cottages from foam concrete confirm the high technical and operational properties of the material;

– since foam blocks are several times easier than other materials (for example, brick), the load on the foundation is much less. This means that you can significantly save on the construction of the foundation, but the cost of the foundation is quite significant;

– foam blocks perfectly hold heat, and this allows you to abandon expensive heat -insulating materials and wall insulation work;

– the surface of foam blocks is great for decorative finishes. That is, if desired, the facade of the building from foam blocks can be ennobled using siding, stone, decorative plaster, etc. P.

It should be noted that foam blocks are not used for the construction of multi -storey buildings (above three floors).

Circulum of cottages from foam blocks is carried out by the company of the Beldomo -compartment Civil Code, we advise you to contact there!