Stretch ceilings can be installed with your own hands.

Another ancient Greeks adorned the ceilings of their own dwellings with fabrics. This habit has come to the base of progressive technology for the production of seamless tissue stretch ceilings, in the absence of which the unique and elegant design of the internal interior now is now unrealistic. If you want the ceilings in your room to be beautiful, advanced, long -term and environmentally friendly, it is worth electing fabric canvases. They own a lot of advantages, including in accordance with a consumption with PVC ceilings, not to mention the usual paint or plaster for us. However, superiority is slightly later, at first about the manufacturing technology. The current internal interior design is elementary in the absence of stretch ceilings. They do not cover the bulges and communication systems, however, equip your apartment or room, create a unique style. Due to the possibility of cooperation of the canvas and various details of the lighting, it is allowed to create a mass of exciting, and the main, unique results. Seamless stretch ceilings allow to embody the most unexpected ideas of the designer or the owner of the building.

Stretch ceilings Calculation of value – in the calculation of the ceiling and in the calculation of the price of the ceiling includes: the material that was used (M2), camouflage Kant (M. n), lamps (pcs..), the number of corners (pcs..), chandelier (pcs.), curved areas (m), contours (pcs..) and therefore prices for all these parts. Then the total amount is displayed. The price of a stretch ceiling traditionally connects subsequent details: the area of ​​the building, the perimeter of the building, the number of corners, the number of pipes, the discharge of lighting, additional work. This calculator can be used to calculate rooms from 12m.