Dutch houses: what are they built from and how did they appear?

This style is often called “Dutch brick”. The thing is that initially “gingerbread” Dutch houses were built exclusively from this material.

Dutch brick is distinguished by its unusual yellow-red-orange color and special strength due to its very long firing.

Such bricks were created from clay, which was mined in the bed of the IJssel, the right branch of the Rhine River, and then transported by ship to different countries – imagine how much it cost by the time it arrived at the place. However, the demand for it did not fall: in the municipal reports of New York for 1888 it was noted that “in our and other Atlantic cities we find houses of Dutch brick, built 200 years ago, without defects or signs of decay, as strong and strong, as when laying walls for the first time.” Gradually, bricks of this type began to be produced in other countries.