Warming of flooring with expanded clay.

Warming of flooring with expanded clay.

If you have decided for some reason to conduct insulation of a wooden floor, then for this work, expanded clay is very affordable material.

This insulation material has a slight density, excellent thermal insulation characteristics and, among other things, expanded clay is considered an environmentally friendly material, which is largely easier than concrete.

Floor insulation using expanded clay should be attributed to a harmless and safe variant of insulation by natural building materials – unlike insulation on a synthetic basis, which can distinguish toxic and even somewhat toxic substances during decomposition.

Warming of wood from wood using expanded clay is carried out by performing a expanded clay base, the thickness of which should be 10 or 15 centimeters, and the subsequent coating of the created base cement screed.

With all this, concrete density decreases, as a result of which its thermal insulation characteristics increase. Such a floor reacts perfectly to physical and mechanical influences. Ceramzit many appreciate its water resistance and fire resistance, as well as for excellent sound insulation.