How to use a spray gun for construction and its advantages

A spray gun is equipment that consists of a compressor, a receiver and additional elements. The compressor supplies compressed air and pushes the paint out of the gun nozzle.

The gun has a paint reservoir at the top or bottom. There are models in which the tank is larger and is a separate element. The paint passes through the receiver nozzle and is applied to the surface. This is the principle of operation of any spray gun.

Advantages over roller and brush:

  1. Application quality. The layer turns out smooth, thin, without drips or visible transitions.
  2. Reduced consumption of paint and varnish material. Surprisingly, 20–40% less material is used.
  3. You can use the spray gun for whitewashing, applying varnish, antiseptic or finishing putty, and not just for paint and varnish material.
  4. Ideal surface. No streaks form on the walls, no brush hairs or visible streaks remain. True, to get the maximum quality of painting, you need to be able to work with a spray gun.
  5. High speed of work completion. The device is used for finishing large buildings for good reason, because the work can be completed several times faster. Paint application is automated; all that remains is to control the nozzle while applying a layer.

Depending on the device parameters, the operating speed can reach 400 m2/h.

The tool is intended primarily for painting large rooms or an entire complex. If you only need to treat one small room or apartment, it is irrational to buy expensive equipment for this. In addition, you need to learn how to work with it correctly.