How to lay tiles on a wall

Before you start laying tiles on the wall, decide in advance on what materials and tools you will need. As a rule, in most cases, people need the following tools: disk saw, level, spatula, hammer, files, roulette, nozzle – mixer and chalk. After all the materials are prepared, proceed to direct styling.

To get started, draw a horizontal line to then navigate it. Then install a vertical rail. Then take the tile and put it to the left edge, after which a plumb line is placed. Next, you must move the tile down along the plumb line so that then beat the rail then. Stretch the thread between the rails and then focus on it, laying the tile.

The next step will be that you need to take the tile, lay it out on the floor and make sure that the picture coincides everywhere. Before direct gluing the tiles on the wall, apply a small layer of glue to it using a spatula. Stick the first tiles from the basic racks, and then glue the rest along it. Having made one row, proceed to the next and so on. If some tiles do not fit on the wall, then using a grinder you can cut off the excess.