The caring owner must pay a lot of attention to his flooring. Now there are many floor coverings on the market, and all of them require their approach to protection against damage. Without appropriate care, the floors can deform and collapse, because we have a rather variable climate.

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Protective coatings can be applied both on a bare concrete floor and on an already mounted coating. The coating must be applied to the finished floor periodically, because they are also erased when exposed to various factors.

For concrete floors in warehouse and public premises, workshops, it is recommended to use water -based funds. When using protective agents, the concrete floor acquires increased density and hardness, and also increases moisture resistance.

For rooms with high humidity, it is recommended to use a protective product on a polymer basis. Toppings are used to seal the upper layer of the concrete floor. These are dry concrete hardening.

Of all the above, the most preferable is the polymer coating. It is most safe when used, provides cleanliness and has excellent decorative properties.