The use of bricks in landscape design in the Dutch style

Looking at the colorful photos of Dutch gardens and going on a trip to this amazing Land of Tulips, you must have often noticed with admiration the beauty of the contrast between a typical Dutch clinker brick house and a small pastoral garden laid out next to it.

But in order to recreate this unique atmosphere, it is absolutely not necessary to be the owner of a house of similar architecture and character. After all, clinker bricks can be used not only in construction.

This is an excellent material for paving garden paths, arranging a recreation area or terrace, creating borders, stone walls, erecting fences and small fences… Even using clinker in mixed paving or masonry with other materials, introducing it in small quantities into the design of the garden will allow you to recreate the same a feeling of the typical combination of materials and plants for which the Dutch style is so famous. Why, even the most modest ribbon along the edge of a lawn or flower garden will allow you to achieve the necessary stylistic expressiveness.