Close the pipes with drywall

Pipes in the toilet and bathroom can be decorated with drywall. This is the most effective way to hide them and decorate the room. This material, if necessary, can be dismantled by gaining access to pipes. This requires a number of tools: drywall sheets, screws, mounting foam, roulette, rack profiles, level, putty, spatula, screwdriver, hacksaw and screwdriver.

To cover the pipes with drywall, it is necessary to choose the material. It should be borne in mind that the bath and the toilet are rooms with high humidity, so it is better to use gypsum fiber or drywall sheet, and use wood bars or rack profiles as racks.

Using a roulette, measure the distance from the ceiling to the floor. Further, three rack profiles must be cut off and installed around the pipe. The angle between the profiles should be 90 degrees. Place four racks in a rectangle or square. You can also make a triangle by squinting the angle.

Measure the distance between the racks, the required length make the segments and strengthen the entire structure with transverse crossbars. Everything is fixed with self -tapping screws.

The required size cut part of the drywall. We fasten with self -tapping to the frame and cut off the Elektrolobzik excess. All joints are closed with mounting foam. The design made of drywall must be subsided. Joints glue with masking tape. Hats of self -tapping screws put down. A metal angle is used for an even angle and a flat surface is formed using a spatula. After drying, the structure is primed and sworn. Next, perform subsequent work (painted, glued with wallpaper or put tiles).