Principles of interior design in Dutch houses and tips

Traditionally, the central decorative element of the interior space of a country house is the fireplace. The owner wanted to decorate it in the Dutch style.

The designers turned to Gzhel craftsmen, since Gzhel ceramics are historically associated with Holland. Therefore, the design theme of the panels located vertically in the center of the fireplace is the landscapes of this country. All elements of the portal, including tiles decorated with images of tulips, are made according to individual sketches in a single copy. Tulips can also be seen on fabrics, in painting and forging. The feeling of floral diversity also arises due to the color saturation of the forged elements. The staircase railing is painted burgundy, and the forging of the internal balcony has a cobalt shade. In general, the blue palette, characteristic of Dutch interiors, dominates the design of the house.

The natural wood tone of the walls became a magnificent backdrop for the bright interior items of a country house selected by the designers. A warm homely combination of blue and brown shades is also implemented in the soft zone: the sofa is covered with fabric with a large floral pattern.

The kitchen space is connected to the living room by an open doorway, framed on both sides by thin patterned grilles. Dark decorative beams combine the design of the kitchen with the design of the front area. The lighting system of both rooms is consistent in the same style: elegant chandeliers are decorated with Gzhel elements and crystal.