Layout and decoration of the interior of a Dutch house

Another room adjacent to the living room is the library. The wide opening has blue glass folding doors. One of the walls here is covered with plasterboard and painted soft purple.

This is done so that the eye can take a break from the abundance of wooden surfaces. In addition, drywall hides communications and the heating system. The ceiling is decorated with a complex pattern of thin white beams. Floral patterns are used here in textiles, embroidery of sofa cushions, painting of a wooden display cabinet and walls. The curtains, as in the rest of the rooms on the first floor, are made of French white cotton fabric with a blue printed pattern.

The furnishings on the second floor include baroque elements that fit perfectly into the eclectic design. In particular, the contrasting combination of a luxurious baroque armchair and wall painting with a fantasy-style plot attracts attention in the office. The complex space is complemented by an irregularly shaped skylight.

A special feature of decorating the master bedroom was the use of different materials (wallpaper and fabric) with identical patterns. Striking black fabric lampshades are framed with down. The same down, only white, is present in the decoration of the pillows on black and white armchairs. The feeling of chic is achieved here with just a few touches, which also perfectly convey the playful character of the interior.