Dutch style interior: characteristic features

The interior in the Dutch style is designed in country houses or in the country. In spacious conditions, this direction reveals itself especially brightly.

However, you can also embody this charming and unique style in your apartment.

Distinctive characteristics of the Dutch interior style:

  • marine motif, which manifests itself in the design of interior decorations;
  • floral ornaments;
  • only natural materials in decoration and interior items;
  • the use of brickwork, ceramic tiles and natural stone in decoration.

The main feature of the Dutch interior design is its versatility. It is implemented both in large areas and in small rooms. Often the Dutch style is used as a basis in commercial organizations, for example, a cafe, restaurant or hotel room.

It fills you with light, warmth and comfort, so you want to return to it again and again. It attracts like a magnet with its simplicity and practicality.