Correct unsuccessful overall dimensions of the house

The most unsuccessful forms of premises and all the dimensions of the rooms can easily create a very large number of different problems when planning. There is nowhere at all to put all the most necessary furniture items, or there are incomprehensible corners and niches in the room, which have not been interconnected in any way. All these problems are available in all old houses of Soviet buildings, as well as in modern houses that have not eradicated all these shortcomings for unknown reasons. The most urgent problem is the portfolio room, which in its entire length resembles just a tunnel. It is because of this that there are always problems with the arrangement of furniture, as well as with the lack of the opportunity to create some individual zones in this room. And yet, nevertheless, these problems can easily be corrected, and you just need to have a desire, as well as inspiration to create a real miracle from the apartment from the apartment.

To date, it is very fashionable to make a special podium in the room, and in this room this place will be the highest floor. It is on it that you can arrange absolutely everything that you, if desired, for example, the working area of ​​the kitchen or a computer corner, a recreation area or even something else. If the bedroom is, then you can always put the most luxurious bed on the podium, but if the bathroom is the largest bathroom. In any case, quite independently of where exactly this podium will be, it will divide the room into two functional zones, and this room will not look so ridiculous. In the rest of the room, you can always arrange furniture, which is much easier to do.

If you do not want to use a similar technique at all, then you can separate such a wagon room with a partition, and they can be both stationary and mobile. In the entire fenced space, you can build a business area in which a computer, a desk, and other items for work will be located. The most alternative option is a place to relax with a large bed. And yet, nevertheless, it should be borne in mind that all the rooms received will have a relatively small area.

A considerable area, nevertheless, and even its most correct area, this is not a guarantee of the convenience of the room. Sometimes everyone spoils precisely the windows and doors, the logic of the placement of which all architects only the knowledge that such a house built such a house. And yet, there are chances for correcting the whole situation.

If the door is so located that only the half of the room opens, then you just should replace it with a Harmosk door or with a sliding door. After all this, she simply stops interfering with the entire location of objects and furniture in the room. Most often the whole problem arises if the room is on the corner of the house and has two windows at once. It is here that traditionally put a sofa, which hides the entire angle. And yet, the most interesting is such a room will look, where the corner was twisted due to a semicircular sofa.