DIY foundation construction

We are aligning the land throughout the construction of the foundation for a home or garage. In the corners of the future foundation we insert wooden stakes and pull a cable or thick cord between them, so that during operation it is visible in which places to throw the ground. Suppose you got a mortgage without an initial contribution and you decided to be built yourself, then listen to our tips. The depth of the foundation should be 70 cm, and the width is 50 cm, these dimensions of the foundation can withstand a large load than the usual weight of the garage. When preparing the solution, pour the cement of the M500 brand and the crushed stone is small, these additional components add a peculiar astringent mixture. Pour 40 cm of the depth of the foundation periodically tamping the solution so that air does not form in the middle of the foundation, iron the surface of the fill with a trowel so that the surface has an even base. It is best to call your friends or acquaintances here, in extreme cases, hire a brigade, t. To. The work is very complicated in physical terms. It is necessary to prepare the solution in time, to have time to fill and level it throughout the area of ​​the foundation. Then we set up the reinforcement with a diameter of 10 mm, we fasten the ends of which with a thin wire and settled with the cell pattern along the entire perimeter of the filling.

We add the last layer of concrete to the surface of the earth and iron it on top with a trowel to eliminate all the irregularities. We knock down a platform from the boards as the size of the width as it was dug a trench, and the height should be 20 cm, knock down the boards with each other and put it on the surface of the flooded foundation, tightly fix it with stakes so that the structure does not move around during the filling.

Pour the site with the same solution as was used when filling the foundation. We pour immediately to the top of the site and iron over the entire surface with a trowel, then align with the level so that everything is exactly and without different defects.