Foam glass for thermal insulation

Foam glass is new material in Russia and is used for thermal insulation. But it must be remembered that such glass has only the special properties of the physical and operational plan, and a very large selection for use, the obstruction of moisture and water steam, the lack of ignition, certainty in size, strength, endurance to another environment (like acid), and ability Not damaged by rodents.

Next, we will give some technical data of the foam glass.

Its value ranges from 20 cm to 47.5 cm, width from 12.5 cm to 40 cm, the thickness can be 8.19.12 cm, a density is not more than 200 kg per cubic meter. Suitable at temperatures from minus 260 degrees to plus 485 degrees. Its ability to conduct heat is 0.07 W/m to. The density during compression is not less than 0.7 MPa, absorbs moisture no more than five percent in volume, noise – at least 56 dB.

This kind of blocks made of polystyrene are a very strong and not burned thermal insulation material.

Such properties of foamed glass give this kind of isolation an obvious plus when using equipment operating at temperatures below 153 degrees of frost, on fire and explosive industrial enterprises and at particularly important objects.

A rare combination of characteristics of such glass makes it possible to use it in many areas, mainly as a universal heat insulator. In many areas, foam glass makes stronger structures, helps to save money. In addition, such raw materials are possible in cases where the use of other raw materials for thermal insulation is difficult or simply unrealistic.

The main potential consumers of the foam glass are: housing and communal services, construction companies, agriculture, various kinds of companies.