How to choose a bamboo parquet?

Bamboo parquet according to the color scheme is divided into material of light and dark shades, according to the texture is divided into glossy, silky or matte material, and according to the type of execution on a horizontal and vertical type of styling. How to choose a bamboo parquet? The question is quite natural, because the general style of the interior of the room depends on the type of flooring. There are many color shades of flooring from bamboo, but the most popular are bright different and coffee colors. Light shades look the most advantageous in interiors with neutral or pastel colors. Dark colors look advantageous in the rooms trimmed in the classic style with interior details, furniture, carpets and curtains in walnut dark brown colors. The texture of the bamboo parquet, which can be glossy, silky or matte, also has an important role in the interior of the room. However, the choice of the type of texture of the coating depends on the specific style of the interior and the purpose of the room. The silky bamboo parquet has high wear -resistant qualities, so it is ideal for offices and hallways. The matte parquet is the most practical for bedrooms and children’s rooms glossy bamboo parquet is well suitable for any rooms decorated in a modern style. Also, bamboo parquet is divided by the type of styling into a horizontal and vertical version. The horizontal parquet transfers a bamboo pattern and is more similar to a woody array. The vertical bamboo parquet when laying forms bizarre ornaments and at the cost slightly exceeds the material of horizontal performance. Experts recommend purchasing bamboo parquet only from well -known, dignified manufacturers. Since when choosing a parquet, it is quite difficult for a non -professional to determine the quality of varnish, bamboo processing technology and its total strength. Nevertheless, when choosing a parquet from bamboo, it is necessary to pay attention to the geometry of the material, all products should have a strict perfect shape, otherwise it will be impossible to achieve high quality flooring. You can at the wholesale price on the site: www. Euro-Molodi. ru