How to repair wooden windows

Wooden windows are environmentally friendly. They allow the room to “breathe”, which is important for people who have to be in it. If you decide to restore them, then roll up your sleeves and gain patience. First, dismantle the window: remove the wings, unscrew the loops and locking mechanisms, take out the glass and dismantle the frame, trying not to damage it.

It is necessary to remove all the plaster on the slopes in order to get to the nails holding the frame in the opening. Then cut all the nails with a grinder. Now the frame can be pulled out. Clean the window from the old paint. This can be done in several ways: with the help of special washing tools, burning the paint with a soldering lamp, tearing off, a spatula heated with a hairdryer or cleaning it with sandpaper.

Then we restore the window, eliminating all the potholes, chips and rotten areas. Cracks are sealed with special putty, and grinding is carried out both by a grinding machine and using sandpaper. The window is painted after the dust is carefully removed. The window must be painted using a spray gun or roller to avoid divorces. The last layer of paint should completely dry before the assembly.

It is best to install a wooden window after it is fully assembled. The loops and mechanisms of closing are replaced with new. Set glass on silicone, ensuring tightness. We install the windows on the mounting foam. Through the entire perimeter of the opening parts of the window, we insert thin cardboard or plastic strips to protect soft wooden parts from compression. Everything, the repair is completed.