Safety precautions when performing roofing work

The roof periodically needs repair work on it: cleaning from the moss, replacing some fasteners, seaming of the seams. Work at the height requires compliance with safety regulations and the necessary precautions.

During work, it is imperative that an assistant can constantly be located near the house, capable of helping if necessary. By the way, now many began to buy metal doors in Krasnogorsk.

It is recommended to wear shoes for work on tight strong soles, so that it could not break through the roofing nails.

A special tool for tools, or apron is very convenient to use. Such a device will eliminate the fall of the tool from the roof.

Do not throw out the garbage, as well as the old replaced elements of the roofing directly to the ground. It is most convenient to spread the tarpaulin or plastic film, and put a large container for garbage on it. Carrying after repair will become much easier.

It is recommended to protect bushes growing close to the house. They can also be thoroughly closed with a tarp.

When working with roofing, protect the windows of the house, covering them with plywood, or other suitable material.

There is a very convenient device called a jack magnet. With its help, you can easily collect nails and other metal parts.