The problem of thermal insulation in construction

Problems of energy conservation today has become very relevant. Various requirements for building materials are constantly beginning to increase, which are used directly for thermal insulation and, moreover, to the parameters of various building structures. It is worth saying that this is especially true for most private houses, in which the attic, your basement, boiler room, or also pantry, in which fertilizers, conservations that were prepared for the winter can be stored in the insulation

High -quality thermal insulation can increase the overall level, so to speak, the comfort of the building and significantly reduce operating costs. When you start building, you need to take care of the insulation of structures with special special material and also think about heat supply systems

It is worth noting that the Mage ventilation tape should be installed directly on the roof overhang, and it will serve in order to ensure the influx of natural ventilation, the so -called subcutaneous space. You can purchase this tape on the Internet

Specialists have proved that during the operation of the building, approximately forty percent of the total heat leaves directly through the walls. It was also found that eighteen percent leaves through the roof and, moreover, the windows. About fourteen percent is lost through ventilation and takes about ten percent a basement. That is why the problem of heat loss must be approached during the construction of comprehensive. Each builder knows that if only the structures of the fence are insulated, then the heat will not work out at all, because intense heat transfer will occur through the so -called cold bridges that are formed in places where the joints of the walls and, moreover, are also crossed, near the windows and doors