Using painting in the interior

Each person dreams of having his own corner, where peace and comfort reigns, where there is an opportunity to relax in body and soul. Currently, there are many different techniques for decorating the interior precisely to your taste that reflects your inner world. Artistic painting of ceilings and walls is one of the options to achieve this goal. She can help bring individuality to the interior of your home, creating something that will only be yours.

The choice of art painting depends on the style of the room, its alleged use, furniture, which will be placed in it. Wall painting carries the features of the owner of the house, creating a unique style characteristic of your home.

Unique images will help you not only make the interior attractive, but also hide its shortcomings, making a small room more spacious, gloomy – lighter – lighter. Artistic painting, uniting the interior of your house into a single image, connecting it with a single idea, will bring officialdom, glamorous chic or children’s immediacy into the situation – it all depends on your desire.

Fresco is one of the most common types of artistic painting. Fresco technology is the application of adhesive, oil paints on raw or fresh plaster. The transparent film formed on the surface of the drawing ensures its rapid drying and durability.

Currently, frescoes are very popular: they can be seen in the design of many houses and apartments. For frescoes, it is better to use acrylic or tempera, as they have a combination of such features as quality, the lack of need for additional preparation of the surface, drying speed and economy.


Painting, which, in contrast to the fresco, is applied to dry plaster, is called Alsekko. It is widely used for both the decor of the interior and external facades.

The main rule when choosing an artistic painting is the selection of a drawing for each room based on its functional purpose, size, degree of illumination, placed furniture. Wall painting can be very different: geometric figures, natural or biblical motifs, abstractionism. Before making the final choice of artistic painting, you should try to look at the interior you planned from the side so that the painting does not look ridiculous in your living room or sleeping room. The painting in the interior is a kind of picture that for a long time will cheer you up and be the dominant of the interior.

We place the image in the living room

So, in the living room you can place images of scenes from ancient Egypt or Middle Ages. Elements of antiquity will help your bedroom give romanticism, for the working area, monumental baroque will be the best solution. Elements of a fairy tale or fantasy – images of fairy -tale heroes or comic book heroes will help to make your child’s room more comfortable. You can extend the life of the old things to the old things by applying interesting drawings on their surface. Your interior will acquire immediacy, individualism due to the unexpected transformation of the table, cabinet or chest of drawers.

To perform an artistic painting of the ceiling or walls, you need to have certain knowledge in painting and working skills with paints. Also, those who plan to engage in painting for interior decoration must monitor the development of the latest technologies. Currently, the painting uses new colors, the modern technique of their application – this distinguishes modern painting from the one that has been done many centuries ago.

Nowadays, the palette includes not only oil and temporal paints, but also acrylic, paints with fluorescent, washing paints, mother of pearl, etc. D. Using wax in their paintings, masters make their masterpieces more durable.

When designing an interior, a designer should also work together with the artist so that the painting organically looks in the decor of the apartment. Artistic painting in the interior will emphasize your individuality and good taste. If you decide on a painting in your apartment, you will make a bold decision, leaving part of your soul in the design of the decoration of the rooms of the house.