Using stretch ceilings.

Not so long ago, it was impossible to find Russian -made stretch ceilings in our market, but time has passed and the situation has changed.

Contrary to the opinion of skeptics, it is worth noting that stretch ceilings of domestic production have high quality and are not inferior to imported analogues, pleasantly pleases the lower price threshold. In addition, experts working in this area are trained and trained abroad, the assembly is carried out using high technologies, and components of good quality are used.

The suspended ceilings have several advantages that pull the bar of the scales to their side compared to ordinary ceilings.

The cost of such a ceiling is not high, and the properties are preserved for several decades (if you observe simple operating rules). The whitewash quickly begins to turn yellow, all the irregularities of the ceiling clearly appear on it, and in the case of leaks from the upper floors, you will definitely have to whiten again. With stretch ceilings there are no such problems. They perfectly mask all the flaws of construction, save from those who forget to close the taps of the neighbors from above, relieve problems with the fungus. In addition, the market has a huge selection of ceilings of different textures and colors, you can always choose such a ceiling to your taste.

If you decide to install such a ceiling, note that the height of the room will become less by 3 cm if you have a regular chandelier, and 7 cm – if you have chiseled lamps.

The installation takes only a few hours, and if you do not have time – the master will do everything himself, without your presence. You don’t even have to pull the furniture out of the room, you can either cover it with a cloth, or just then wipe it. During the installation process, you have to drill the walls, so it is better to ventilate the room to remove dust after completion of the work.

To date, there are many companies offering their services of this kind, some of them themselves organize the cleaning of the premises after the work performed.