We use housing to the maximum

Most citizens live in the so -called compact premises. It is problematic not only “Khrushchevs”, but also apartments in standard houses, later built.

Comfortable modern housing may not “fit” into the current family budget.

Owners of small -sized apartments can rationalize the situation and visually increase the area of ​​the apartment, spending optimal cash on this.

The bulk of the visual and real space in small rooms is often occupied by wall multi -sectional cabinets of twenty years ago. Once pride and deficiency, but today is a source of dust and disharmony.

Apply modern furniture with horizontal placement of hangers, narrower and stylish. Conduct an inventory and throw away the entire unnecessary trash. Think about the modern layout yourself, or invite the designer.

Create more free space, increase the illumination of rooms.

Use sliding doors, redevelop the mezzanine and pantry.

Wallpaper of light tones and low density will also “add” space.

Decide and you will younger, life will become more active. Good luck in design thought!

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