We use textile wallpaper in our interior

If you want to use the original decorative element at home on the walls, then you can use textile wallpaper. Modern manufacturers of textile wallpaper are made of high -quality materials, so they can last a fairly long period and at the same time do not require any reconstruction or repair. Textile wallpaper can be used not only in residential premises. Such wallpapers are also successfully used in the interior of beauty salons. For example, on the website of the Ricca Design Studio, you can see photos of the interiors of beauty salons in which textile wallpapers were used.

In order to create textile wallpaper, but a material such as viscose is applied, for example, silk, cotton or flax. Textile wallpaper has a number of positive characteristics:

• These wallpaper wallpaper are environmentally friendly, so they can be used in children’s, as well as those who have problems with allergies. In addition, such wallpapers will not distinguish harmful substances, but will create a favorable and comfortable atmosphere.

• increased thermal insulation, since textile wallpapers have a fairly dense texture, but they are pleasant to the touch.

• They will not be exposed to direct sunlight, and therefore will always have the original appearance.

• Moisture is not afraid of textile wallpapers, mold or fungus never appears on them.