A few words about some types of wallpaper

A few words about some types of wallpaper

Velor wallpaper, first of all, is paper or non -woven. The drawing is applied to them by spraying coating from velor. The basis is glued on the basis and covered with short artificial or natural threads consisting of fabric.

If velor wallpaper was chosen for the apartment, then it should be borne in mind that they are very complicated in the sticker and require the skill of workers who will do this.

Wallpaper-these are wallpapers on which there are any photo images, drawings or reproductions of known paintings. They are glued in the form of a panel in addition to ordinary wallpaper, which are a background for them. They are produced in the form of several squares, which are then folded on the wall in one whole.

When choosing a mural for the room, you can emphasize with their help the style and purpose of the room, for example, for the nursery you can choose photo wallpaper with training or fabulous plots, and you can take paintings with flowers or natural landscapes in the bedroom. For a billiard room or cabinet, murals with the image of manuscripts or cards are suitable. As a basis in the murals, non -woven or paper is used. Wall murals that have a non -woven base are of better quality. They are much more resistant to mechanical influences and moisture resistant.

Glass wallpaper is made of special glassons. They have increased strength. Usually these wallpaper is used for painting in hotels and offices. They are characterized by great wear resistance and fire properties. For residential premises, they are not recommended to use them.