Advantages and disadvantages of ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are sold in a wide assortment both in color, in size and by purpose. Lined walls with ceramic tiles can realize aesthetic requests.

The good work of the master can transfer all the beauty of ceramics to your personal use. Convenience, order and cleanliness, these are not complete advantages of ceramic tiles. However, the achievement of such characteristics is possible only with good styling. Otherwise, problems and grief can be made even with beautiful ceramics. Poorly completed work on the walls can skip water. Water can fall under the forming voids under the tile. Moisture under tiles welfare of mold. If you allow the voids on the floor, the tiles will crumble even under the heel. Another not unimportant disadvantage of laying is the discrepancy between the seams. You can wipe the seams, but then you will have to mask them with furniture, towel or robe, if we are talking about the bathroom.

The following drawback is poor -quality sorting. Tiles with chips or other defects, most likely, will remain out of use. Also inconvenience is the fitting and cutting of tiles for water mixers and other devices in the bathroom or in the kitchen. If the wall is poorly launched, there will be deviations from the horizontal. Not qualified work can ruin not only building materials, but also the mood of the new settlers.

However, it is not difficult to avoid such troubles if you try to: a) to coordinate the redevelopment of the premises or partitions, ventilation, sewage or pipe water supply; d) the number of inserts, tiles, borders and pipe. T. D. with 5% admission to marriage.

The executed cladding of horizontal or vertical surfaces must necessarily meet the requirements: a) the width of the seam of the cladding of both internal and outer can be only 0.5 mm per meter of length; b) the angles should be displayed 90 degrees if possible; c) the floor should be horizontal according to all the requirements.