And again, the wrong care of everything is to blame…

We buy indoor flowers in the store and bring them home, where there is a completely different air and atmosphere. Therefore, they can react differently to changing the conditions of content: some adapt well and continue to delight us, while others simply die. It is important not to miss the moment when the plant cannot adapt to new conditions and begins to lose strength.

Many gardeners are familiar with the problem and they know the answer to the question: why do the leaves turn yellow in cyclamen? The cause may be a period of rest, in this case the leaves simply remove. If yellowing occurs at another time, then this means improper care. Check the temperature in the room with cyclamen, it should be not lower and not higher than 15 degrees. Dry air also leads to a change in the color of the leaves. It is important that the soil of this plant is always moistened, so it is better to pour water into the tray. The place on which the pot with a flower is located should be such that direct sunlight does not get there. Do not forget to feed cyclamen during growth and flowering.

Indoor cloudy is a decorative green tree with round red fruits. This plant is capricious, since it has to be trimmed every year so that it retains its beauty. You need to do this at the end of winter, when the fruits ripen. Spraying is also an integral part of the care, while the flower is cloudy, which cannot do without bright light. If it is in the shade, then you will not see the fruits. Lies with high temperatures, so in winter it is kept at + 12-14 degrees, and in the summer the room should not be higher than +20. To maintain soil moisture in a pot with a plant, it is placed on a pallet with wet expanded clay.

Due to its unpretentiousness, the rubber ficus can be seen in almost every room where flowers are bred. To make the plant healthy and beautiful, it must be transplanted every 2 years to a pot, larger in diameter and exhibited in place with scattered light. The land for transplantation is taken special and add peat to it. Water the plant moderately, in winter they generally reduce to a minimum.

If the plant has yellowed and fell leaves, then caring for rubber picus is wrong. You poured it or put it in a dark place. The rubber ficus grows well at a temperature of at least +12 degrees. If the air in the room is too dry, then the plant can affect the spider mite. To get rid of the pest, the humidity is increased: put dishes with water next to the pot or spray it. Only subject to all the rules and conditions of plant breeding, they do not turn yellow, do not dry, but look healthy and beautiful.