Basalt insulation and its advantages

Modern construction technologies suggest the use of various types of insulation, which allows you to create a comfortable atmosphere indoors, saving energy resources.

The basalt insulation, which is also called stone wool, is gaining more and more popularity in the market. The name suggests that the fibers of the material include rocks of the basalt group.

Consider the main advantages of basalt insulation. Firstly, this is non-combustible, which allows the use of stone cotton wool on the heated surfaces and as a material that prevents the spread of fire, because the melting temperature of more than a thousand degrees.

Secondly, vapor permeability. Structures made using basalt insulation allow moisture to leave the room.

Stone cotton wool does not attract rodents and is not a favorable environment for the development of various microorganisms.

The porous structure of such a material provides its soundproofing properties, reduces the noise level, in the premises insulated in this way.

And, of course, the heat -insulating properties of the material are very high, due to the air layers between the fibers.

You can buy basalt insulation today in construction markets, in various stores selling such goods. Stone cotton wool, the price of which varies slightly depending on the region and the manufacturer, is quite acceptable. The price of basalt insulation also depends on the thickness of the material, which is affected by the scope of its application.

Before buying stone cotton wool, of course, it is necessary to calculate the required quantity based on the size of the structure and the number of layers of insulation.

By applying basalt heaters, you will save the heat and comfort of your home.