Bathroom materials

Bathroom materials

It is very difficult to choose a material for decorating a room because this room has high humidity. In addition, it should be reliable and fashionable. The materials used for the bathroom should be resistant to moisture, acids, environmentally friendly, hygienic and convenient to care.

Ceramic tiles – a classic version for flooring and walls in the room. This material is invariably considered fashionable, since it has many shades and textures and is able to visually increase the space. The tile saves well from moisture, it is easy to take care of it, if one tile is damaged, then it can be easily replaced.

Plastic panels are the most inexpensive material for decoration of the bathroom. There are panels that imitate stone and wood, they make the room beautiful and fashionable. This material is hygienic, durable, it is easy to care for it, it does not respond to temperature extremes. However, plastic panels have a minus, they are fragile and easily burn.

Gypsum cardboard sheets are wonderful for decorating a bathroom. Only they should contain cement and be waterproof. The advantage is that the material is convenient in the installation, it costs inexpensively, has a small weight, is well isolating the room from sounds. The disadvantage of the material is that after installation it must be painted.

Also, the classic method for decoration of the bathroom is paint. Paint should be resistant to moisture and pollution.