Increasing the accuracy class of structures

This was due to the complex configuration of houses in the plan. Industrialization of construction requires simpler forms of buildings, due to which the pace will accelerate and the cost of construction and installation works will decrease. In increasing the accuracy of the installation of structures, the quality of public and special works, a lot depends on the builders and designers. Builders should ensure the use of progressive mechanisms, installation equipment that fixes mounted structures, rational equipment and temporary inventory structures. Designers must provide embedded fixing elements in the designs and the possibility of primarily the installation of supporting structures. The aboveground parts of the buildings should be built using tower cranes with a carrying capacity of up to 8 tf at the maximum flight of the arrows of 20m. The technology for the production of construction and installation, as well as special works on engineering equipment and decoration of buildings should provide for the maximum, technically sound combination of construction processes when using complex mechanization and implementation of advanced forms of labor organization. An important and indispensable condition for compliance with a given technology for the installation of full -term houses is clearly developed solutions in technological maps and work projects for work. In accordance with the instructions of the USSR State Construction on the procedure for the preparation of projects for the organization of construction and projects of work (CH 47-59), the technological map for the installation of a typical or non-stir floor should consist of a scheme (plan) of the floor with an indication of the sequence of installation of prefabricated elements according to their brands, schedule for execution works on the need for temporary fasteners and devices. House -building plants and other specialized organizations must maintain the installation of full -term buildings by industrial methods, directly from vehicles, using prefabricated elements with maximum factory readiness. Dear businessmen, for you the rental of the office of St. Petersburg Petrogradka from the owner! Favorable conditions and good location!