Casaporte Eco -Roshpon – the right choice

Casaporte Eco -Roshpon – the right choice

Casaporte doors are lined with a special decorative multilayer coating. The specified material has been used in Europe for quite some time, and came to us relatively recently. A feature of eco -pon is that it has an actual three -dimensional optical effect and thanks to this it is able to not only repeat the structure of natural wood, but copy it with very high accuracy. If a person is not a professional, then he will not be able to distinguish this material from a natural wooden veneer. Also, the difference between eco -pon from natural veneer is that it never contains color instability in different parties, which is very often when using natural materials. To all its advantages, this material is also environmentally friendly, therefore it fully complies with strict European standards.

Casaporte doors design are two combatant profile parts that have a standard cross -section and transverse elements of different sections (TsAG). Due to the fact that the doors have a trading structure, a large number of models are produced, which have different series that differ in their constructive and design features.

There are standard dimensions of doors that have a height of 200 cm, and width, the thickness of the canvas is also the same and equal to 44 mm. If necessary, you can always make doors of non -standard sizes to order.

Wheel options:

– ordinary muffled canvas;

– glazed canvas;

– the canvas in which the phylenka and glass are combined.

In the manufacture of combat elements, a combination of materials such as coniferous wood and MDF is used, and the cladding is carried out by eco -pine. If glass elements are used, then they are made of mattressed white or bronze glass with a thickness of 6 and 10 mm, the Philles are made of MDF 6.10 and 32mm wide.

All Casaporte doors are interconnected using PVA glue and doughs, so the connections are very reliable. This allows you to maintain an unchanged door shape throughout the entire period of their operation. Also, when purchasing Casaporte doors, you can buy all the necessary chanters.