Using marble

Marble was very popular in the past and the year before last. Since this material is like rock rocks. It is very durable and wear -resistant. Many buildings, castles, museums, past centuries, which are based on the marble interior decoration, are perfectly preserved. This suggests that the material is resistant to high and low temperatures, as well as tested by time. Floor marble slabs are the most durable and optimal option for places often visited by large collision of people.

Marble halls have excellent acoustic and look very rich. There are a huge number of decorative elements for the room: marble tables, columns, vases, staircases, as well as many varieties of fireplaces. The material itself is very resistant to the effects of fire, water and high humidity. He does not swell from getting wet and drying out and retains his original form all the time. Still, the marble is so strong that it withstands the loads of heavy structures. For large halls, marble columns are used – this creates a special atmosphere.

Often I use marble in arranging bathrooms. A sign of wealth and luxury is a marble bathroom. As well as a washbasin of an unusual shape from a whole piece of marble.

Today there is a huge selection of colors and types of marble products. Paying attention to the correspondence of price and quality can be selected for yourself materials of the desired size (length, thickness, height, density). Marble requires special care. In order to avoid damage to the structure of this building material, you need to study its type well and choose the right cleaning tool, it can be dry powder, cleaning substances of the gel structure, various creams and pastes.