Correction of doors in your home.

It is not rare to encounter such a problem as the damping of both input and interior doors, as a result of which the door begins to open poorly and badly close.

In order to fix everything you need to remove the swollen areas. Almost all entrance wooden doors pass the impregnation process, which allows the entrance doors to resist moisture well. If the windows and doors made of soft wood, then in this case no impregnation saves them.

Not rarely if a tree that is used for the manufacture of windows and doors was not completely dried, then over time your windows and doors will simply stop closing easily.

To do this, having bought new doors or windows, it is best to play it safe and completely repaint the entire surface of the windows and doors.

If your door closes, do not be badly discouraged by this problem, you can solve it very easily. All you need to tighten the loops well or if it does not help to deepen them a little.

There are and a little more complicated cases when it is necessary to remove the door from the loops in order to flow unnecessary areas with a rubbish. After the work, the processed areas should be treated with a water -repellent composition.

Successful work.