How to apply liquid wallpaper correctly

How to apply liquid wallpaper correctly

Liquid wallpaper is a recently appeared on the Russian market, but has already gained immense popularity, material for decorating premises. In order to qualitatively apply such wallpaper on the walls, it is not necessary to seek help from professionals, this can be done on their own.

First of all, the walls should be prepared. The preparation should include the removal of the fungus, the remnants of old wallpaper, cleansing of dust and dirt. After that, the walls should be primed. It is better to opt for a light primer, since the dark surface will shine through. After all these events, you can start applying wallpaper. For this you will need:

1. Plastic container for breeding material.

2. Warm water for the preparation of the mixture.

3. Spatula or trowel.

4. Roller.

The powder must be poured into a container and pour warm water. 3 parts of water should account for one part of dry wallpaper. The mixture should be thoroughly stirred until a homogeneous mass is obtained. The time of insisting the composition should be 10-15 minutes. You need to apply wallpaper using a trowel or spatula, and leveled with a roller. The thickness of the wallpaper can be done by any, but the thicker the material is – the more slowly it dries. On average, wallpaper dries for 2-3 days.

The service life of liquid wallpaper is 10 years, after the expiration of them, they must be changed to new. In order to remove liquid wallpaper from the wall, it is enough to wet them carefully.