Cut the tiles

Cut the tiles

Naturally, the trimmed surfaces are not always multiple of the width of the tiles, and therefore, very often, you have to cut the tiles. There are a lot of “folk” methods of cutting tiles. Someone saws it with a hacksaw for metal, someone clamps in Teska between the two boards and has a hammer with a hammer and t. D. However, all these methods are not very effective.

The tiles are cut quite simply, with a regular roller glass cutter. The main thing here is to observe only a couple of rules, namely: before a sharp tile, you should hold a couple of hours in water; The cut edge should not be 8 mm; The cut strip should be one and accurate, drawn from the far edge of the tile to itself.

Having drawn the cut line, the tile must be moved to the edge of the table, so that the edge of the table and the cut line coincide. Then it is enough to press on the tile with moderate effort, and it will break through the line.

Thicker tiles, such as flooring, do not cut glass cutter. It will require the tool more serious, namely a tile. Outwardly it looks like glass cutter, only larger in size and with a more massive cutting wheeled. The principle of cutting is the same. We apply the iron line along the alleged cut line, from the far edge we draw a line, we break off.

If the scale of the tiles that need to be cut off is large, then stationary tile cutter becomes relevant here. This unit will not just allow you to quickly cut a mass of tiles. The cut line will be immediately turned and a little rounded. In addition, stationary tiles allow you to cut the edges of the tiles with a width of only half a centimeter. Any physical efforts from you are not required here.

Do not forget about safety precautions. As when working with glass, cutting the tiles you risk injuring your eyes, since the sharp fragment of ceramics, or even okholes can be bounced to the side. That’s why, cutting the tiles, without fail, put on the goggles.

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