Errors in the construction of a wooden house, log house

The second frequent problem: the gap in the finger thick and more in the cuts between the logs.

Reason: they forgot to cut the cup on the log in the conditions of production, and later, due to the low qualification of carpenters, it was not possible to properly perform this work manually.

Possible consequences of this defect: see. higher. It is blowing and freezing the external walls of the house, especially in winter.

Solution: hemp and additional putty with special sealants.

Error price: approximately 1000 rubles per cup.

Another reason is usually two flaws-either an incorrectly sawed cup, or a log for some reason is installed with a great deviation from the design situation.

Solution: The hemp or sealing the seam with special sealants for wood helps to exclude the consequences of this error.

Possible consequences: if this masonry defect is not eliminated, it is inevitable to blowing the house and, as a result, the impossibility of winter operation of a residential building.

Error price: if such a problem is found at the stage of assembly of the house, then it is sometimes possible to redo the cup. This will cost the developer about 300 rubles. And if the number of cups is multiplied by 300 rubles.,then you will get a very disappointing result.

But if your house is already brought under the roof, then it is necessary to add the cost of bulking of the house to the place of detection of the defect as well as the purchase of several new logs to the above amount.

But since this, as a rule, is too expensive for the developer – most often the newly -made owner prefers to come to terms with the fact that the walls of the house will not be as beautiful as they might look and the house will not be as warm as expected.