External and interior trim using the lining

Such a material as a lining is used in the decoration of both external and internal buildings. This material is produced from the collapse board. At the same time, it is stricted either on one or on both sides. Along with the strictness, the methods of falsification and shpuntovka are used during dressing. There are types of this material as plastic and wooden.

The lining of plastic qualities does not lose either the direct hit of the rays of the sun, nor under the influence of corrosion, or under the influence of rotting. She serves from twenty to twenty -five years old.

A wooden lining price for which is slightly higher than its plastic analogue, it lasts about fifteen to twenty years. Its service life is directly dependent on the negative impact of various factors in the form of bugs and fungi. But there is a government on them – they will not resist chemical treatment.

A wood lining covered with a special antiseptic to a tonic. You can put special protective varnishes when processing the material, which insects cannot organically take out. The lining of spruce and pine is usually used when decorating rooms from the inside, when decorating rooms from the outside, a larch lining is used.

If you want to finish the sauna or bath from the inside, it is reasonable to use such material as alder or linden. The fact is that the bark of these trees prevents the penetration of excess moisture. Very to the place will have a linden lining when decorating a dressing room or steam room. Both lining and Eurovarovka is rational to purchase at prices assigned by the manufacturer.

Any allergic reactions in people will not cause a lining of needles or larch. Due to the fact that the appearance of such building material is neutral, the room finished by it can take an elegant appearance.