“SKD House” – the best houses made of natural material

It is not surprising that natural houses are considerable in our time. Such buildings, in addition to environmental cleanliness, have simply unique properties of natural wood.

Glued beam – excellent material that promotes relaxation, restoration of strength and energy. In houses, only special fresh air, filled with nature, always reigns from this material. During operation, the house from the beam needs care and maintenance. Only in this case will housing last as long as possible and provide the best conditions.

Honesty, obligation, quality!

It is no secret that for each person the issue of housing is the most priority in life. That is why the choice of the manufacturer of the beam and workers should be treated with all responsibility. The wide popularity of houses from glued beams entailed the appearance of a large number of firms specializing in the manufacture of such buildings. However, from all over the set, the production and construction company SKD House should be distinguished, which is engaged in the creation of projects, the production and construction of houses from glued beams.

The company differs, first of all, by its desire to improve the technology, quality and beauty of its houses. Masters and managers guarantee only the highest level of services, honesty, obligation and quality.

“SKD House” – the opportunity to buy a house from a bar at a price, much lower than that of competitors.

Competitive advantages

1. The Architectural Studio IND Archdesign – Creation of Individual Order Projects. Personal approach to each client. Extensive experience and professionalism in the design of houses, interiors, landscape and decoration. The highest quality of work at each stage, as well as the availability of complete documentation.

2. Personal production of material – glued beam is carried out directly by the company. As a raw material, spruce or pine is used. And the new sawmill and woodworking equipment is the key to the manufacture of high -quality products.

3. Only modern and proven structural technologies. A competent and professional approach to all projects. Creativity and coherence.