External sewage pipes

Last decade, the answer seemed strange to many people, but at present the question looks strange. We are all so accustomed to new plastic pipeline systems, despite the fact that little time has passed after the start of their use. But progress is gaining more and more acceleration and introduction of the latest technologies using promising materials no longer surprises anyone.

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Today there are many information on the use of plastic pipelines of various types for engineering internal systems, in particular for sewer systems. But what are we ready to offer us manufacturers of plastic pipes for the installation of external pipelines? Today, when installing external pipelines, polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride are used.

Until now, the use of polypropylene for outdoor sewage was inappropriately economically due to the high consumption of building material, t. To. The main requirement when using plastic pipes is the required value of ring stiffness. This greatly limited the used area of ​​plastic pipelines, because for the non -pressure system the greatest value is affected by the bias of the pipeline.