Use of anti -control additives for concrete

Previously, after the onset of cold weather, all the construction processes, during which concrete should be used completely stopped. But today, such a problem no longer exists, since there have appeared additives that increase the anti -control properties of solutions. When applying them, it is possible to make concrete retains all its characteristics and can effectively grasp during construction.

The main problem that arises before the builders in winter is the presence of liquid concrete among components of concrete. Water can quickly freeze, which leads to the occurrence of ice crystals. They affect the not yet hardened mass, as a result, preventing her from gaining her sufficient strength.

Scientific technology helps to solve this difficulty for builders today. It is thanks to the work of technologists that the market is represented by anti -control additives in concrete with a variety of characteristics. The general feature of the action of such substances is that they simply prevent fluid cooling in concrete. This means that the solution gets the opportunity to freeze, not freeze.

Antorozoic supplements are designed for use in conditions of certain temperatures. And even if it drops to -15 ° C, you can still choose the right version of such a substance. True, sometimes the practical qualities of concrete change somewhat due to additives. And sometimes not for the better.

In fact, the most important effect of the additive is when the concrete is transported. They do not allow him to lose functional properties during this procedure. After pouring, concrete is already warmed up in other ways. For example, it can simply be covered with a burlap or use electric heating. There are also special additives for this.