Facadads from corrugated facilities ventilated

The most diverse materials are used for facing ventilated facades today. They may differ in performance characteristics, in their external type, installation features. And among the materials that are used for ventilation of the facades, Cyclone corrugated board can be noted. Buildings, for the decoration of which this material was used, looks like stylishly and modernly.

For considerations of material savings and to reduce loads on the walls, it is customary to use corrugated board with a small height of the profile for ventilated facades. This decoration option is especially relevant for the construction of the rear industrial, warehouses and hangars, trading pavilions and warehouses.

Apply it for houses of residential, despite the fact that now it still looks quite unusual. But just a few decades ago, the facades trimmed with profiled sheet looked unusual.

Ventilated facades from corrugated board is a special way of mounting the cladding and a special method of fasteners, which include the installation of facing plates in special strengthening places. Install such plates with continuous sheets. Installation such a system noticeably facilitates and helps to significantly reduce the time for facing work. In the construction of large buildings and their reconstruction, this is especially important.

The ventilation facade from other sheets differs, among other things, unpretentiousness in operation. The material tolerates atmospheric effects perfectly, is able to endure large temperature changes and be fire -resistant.

For the decoration of industrial buildings, the use of a profiled sheet is excellent due to the fact that he perfectly withstands the effect of aggressive substances that may be present at production.