How to arrange slopes on the windows

If you replaced the windows in the apartment, then you have a problem with the design of slopes on the windows. When removing a wooden frame, slopes are rarely possible to maintain integrity. But in some cases it is not quite bad. Having installed new windows, you need to make new slopes, more beautiful and modern.

You can, of course, by the old fashioned manner of sloping, while painting the slopes the cost will not be high. This method is a little outdated and it is rarely used, since the proximity of windows and temperature differences, especially in the winter, leads to the formation of cracks on plaster. Because of this, it is necessary to repair slopes on the windows annually.

Slopes of plastic or drywall look most practical. Plastic slopes are most easily made. Seamless plastic, profiles for it and wooden beam will be required for their manufacture. The width of the panel can be any, but it is better to choose the widest. The advantages of plastic slopes are obvious: practical, moisture resistant, beautiful, durable, easily washable, not in need of frequent care.

Slopes made of drywall, also look beautiful and have the same properties as plastic. In the size of the slopes, first, pieces of drywall are cut out, which are attached with dowels or using special glue. A plastic profile is wound around the perimeter of the frame where plasterboard sheets are inserted. The finish of the slopes is in putty and finishing. After that, the slopes are covered with water -based paint in two layers. It is necessary to putty drywall, since when painting a cardboard surface water -based paint, a cardboard will occur.