Garage roof insulation with foam

Garage roof insulation with foam

The use of a heater of the well -known foam well -known will assume the accounting of some features of the installation of this material.

During insulation of the roof of the garage made of metal using foam, it will be necessary to take into account this fact: fixing the insulation plates on the roof can only be performed by gluing the insulation material.

The arrangement of the crate on the surface of the metal roof is extremely extremely extreme, since for its fixing it will be required to perform holes in the metal for bolts, which will violate the tightness of the roof.

After the wing insulation is finished, it will be possible to perform something like a false flow under it, which can act as:

1. Additional component of thermal insulation.2. Decorative lining.3. As a attic for storage of spare parts and parts.

Recommendations from professionals

In the best option, roof insulation should be performed along with the rest of the structure.

In order to get excellent tightness of the vapor barrier layer of its joint, it is advised to glue a self -adhesive tape.