Gypsum cardboard for wall repair

Material that will help change and transform your housing is undoubtedly drywall. In addition, in addition to aesthetic advantages, the use of drywall has pluses and practical. This is primarily insulation of rooms, as well as their alignment.

The process of working with drywall has several stages that can even be performed independently. But before that, you need to purchase all the necessary materials for work. And first of all it will be drywall. You can calculate its number in the store itself, you only need to know the area of ​​the room in which it will be overlaid. You also need to take care of the rivers to which drywall will be attached. You still need to take putty or sickle, for processing drywall. And at the end of the work, so that it would be convenient to stick wallpaper on the resulting surface, a primer will come in handy.

Now you can start work. Previously attached to the wall of the rails, the denser and stronger, the better. Then, pieces of drywall are attached to them, adjusted to the dimensions of the walls or stationery knife. Bolts and self -tapping screws should be sophisticated in them well.

When working with putty, the surface of the walls should be completely leveled, and the caps of bolts and screws become invisible. With the seams the situation is more skillfully. Initially, a layer of putty is applied, then Serpyanka is applied from above, and then again putty, which this time compares the seam with the surface finally.

When the putty dries, you can go through the wall with a primer, after which the walls will become beautifully white and even. And it will be possible to proceed to the wallpaper sticker.