History of the emergence of wardrobes

You probably never heard that the wardrobes arose … thanks to Napoleon. Entering the barracks of soldiers and officers, he was very angry with the mess. And once ordered to organize a pantry in the corner of each barracks room. True, then the “mess” was hidden by the fabric curtain.

Over time, the fabric was replaced with an ordinary swing door.

And later in California, engineers designed wheels and rails. After which the door began to ride to the right and left. Thus, no less than a meter of floor was released, which before could not be engaged so that the hollow door of the cabinet could open.

The Americans began to equip the doors of the wardrobe-compartment wardrobes with mirrors. This made it possible not only to save space, but also to visually expand it. True, the first mirrors quickly fought. Have not yet come up with a protective film.

Now wardrobes with mirror and even glass doors are put even in children’s rooms.

Gradually, the door extending mechanism was improved and became silent.

Thanks to the invention of the veneer, the wardrobes began to make a wide variety of colors.

The wardrobes-wardrobes came to Russia in the mid-90s, in the two thousandths they survived a real boom in popularity. Actual wardrobes are today and today.

Cabinets-wardrobes are currently divided into 4 types:

– built into a niche or opening;

– angular;

– standing separately;

– By the size of the customer.

The very first thing that deteriorates in modern wardrobes is a sliding mechanism. Therefore, when buying a cabinet for its reliability, you should pay close attention.