Preparation of walls for major repairs.

Overhaul is a complex lesson, and the process is long. If you are interested in overhaul in Zelenograd, then competently trained specialists can significantly speed up the repair process and facilitate your work. Since for major repairs, you need to have many special knowledge and extensive experience in this matter.

When repairing any room, special attention must be paid to the preparation of walls. If the walls turn out to be uneven, it will be impossible to qualitatively glue the wallpaper.

To do this, it is necessary to dismantle old wallpapers and the whole old putty, since it has long been quarreled and not good.

To make the dismantling easier, treat the walls with water. The old putty is easier to tear off with an average spatula, from flexible metal.

After you dismantled the old putty, you must carefully treat the walls with putty. Putty is better to use on a synthetic basis, it will protect the old putty from cracking. A gypsum -based putty must be diluted with a liquid, as it quickly thickens.

If you want to speed up the work process, you can use a wide spatula when putting down. Put a putty on a wide spatula with a narrow spatula and apply it with a thin layer to the walls. To make the walls more even, from above you can cover with another layer of putty. After the putty dries, it is desirable to treat the walls with fine sandpaper. You will get perfectly flat walls to wallpaper wallpaper.

If your apartment has uneven corners, then it is best to use a cement -based putty for alignment. After that, the walls are aligned with ordinary putty, primed and glued with wallpaper.