How to warm the walls of the house

In our country, a fairly cold climate, and the warm period does not last long. Many house owners do not have time to prepare a home for winter, and then it may be too late.

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The walls can be insulated in two ways – internal, as well as external. Wall insulation outside

Many building materials have a wide pore occurrence, it is they who provoke the accumulation of moisture, as a result of which the walls poorly maintain heat in the room. Also, with too increased humidity, materials that are used to moisturize can begin to rot.

The most effective way of warming is the construction of enclosing structures that have three layers. In the second layer (average) there is a material with high thermal insulation abilities. Most often, mineral wool is used as such a material, which consists of glassy fibers. Also perfectly insulates the cotton wool, with which you can save money to pay for electricity bills. It is used to warm the external walls and structures. In addition to the fact that it is very reliable, it is also safe to use, does not ignite and does not cause allergic reactions. Lyarok is used if the masonry is carried out in three layers, and he plays the role of the separator.

The material such as polystyrene is in demand, the basements and the foundation of the building are insulated with its help, it also prevents the influence of groundwater.

If you have decided on the material for insulation, then you should think about how you will implement it. Most often, such methods are used – external insulation using mineral wool plates, external by coating plaster in combination with polystyrene, as well as ordinary internal insulation.

With the help of wall insulation, you and your family will not freeze in winter, and you will not need additional sources of heating.