Ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles?

Ceramic tiles became a popular floor covering for bathrooms due to its unique properties. The flooring tiles should be durable, not afraid of moisture, chemical elements and stable to abrasion. It is not recommended to use tiles with a smooth surface. Can be used instead of finishing mirror tiles. It will look very original in combination with a mirror stretch ceiling. But now you can use porcelain tiles instead of tiles. It is laid not only in hallways, kitchens or bathrooms, but also in bedrooms and living rooms. With tiles for the floor, it is convenient to combine the installation of warm floors. It is easy to care for such a coating. And a wide variety of colors allows you to embody any design solutions.

The difference between these material in the method of drawing. The tile is tinted only on the surface already on finished products. The texture and color scheme are applied to porcelain tiles in the production process. The structure of the picture will be on the surface and in the nutria material. This is his additional plus. It does not fade and does not lose its original appearance, unlike the tile.

Porcelain tile has a natural pattern, which makes it similar to a natural stone. Therefore, it will look great and give any interior of originality, making the house cozy and beautiful.

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